Chicken Fried Riced Cauliflower - S meal

Guys! I am so excited about this recipe! I’ve been a little obsessed with cauliflower. I mean you can make so much stuff with it. And now you can buy the riced cauliflower in your grocery store. Game changer!
Okay, so let’s dig right into this recipe.
What you’ll need: Thawed Chicken Breast, Steamable Riced Cauliflower Vegetable Medley, chopped onions (I buy the frozen chopped onions/peppers season blend, love anything that saves time.) Minced Garlic, Olive Oil, Garlic Salt, Pepper, Soy Sauce or Liquid Aminos.
If you have a Wok this would be easiest. I don’t have one so a large frying pan worked great. Put some olive oil in a Med/Med High pan add frozen onions and minced garlic. Let simmer for a couple minutes. Spread the mixture to the sides creating a hole in the center of the pan. Place chicken in the center and add garlic salt and pepper to the chicken.

While the chicken is cooking stick your steamable riced cauliflower in the microwave and follow the time on the back of the bag.
Flip the chicken and when cooked thru slice up the chicken. If anything starts sticking just add a little more olive oil. Once the chicken is sliced, add a little more olive oil and dump the riced cauliflower vegetable medley on top and stir. Add soy sauce or Liquid Aminos to taste. I probably used 1/3 cup. Let simmer for a few minutes, stirring occasionally. And you’re ready to dish it up and eat!
This maybe took 15-20 min to make and oh my, was it good!
Maybe you’re like me and veggies aren’t always your favorite and you have to sneak them in any way you can, this recipe is perfect. It really tastes like chicken fried rice! And it’s oh, so good! Enjoy!
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