Every little step I take...

As I typed this title I couldn't help but start singing a little Bobby Brown! In fact, I might have immediately turned on Spotify and had to listen to it. And I might have done the running man for just a second! LOL
I can remember before I started my weight loss journey. I really wanted to run our local Spirit of Survival 5K. In the beginning of August 2015, I got the Couch to 5K app on my phone and started going to the gym. The first week was hard but I could almost keep up with all of it and by the third day of the first week I could do the first level. I was pumped. 'I can do this." I said to myself. And then I started the 2nd level. After the first day my knees were sore but I thought, “No pain, no gain, right?" I did the second day and couldn’t make it thru the workout, my knees hurt so bad. I thought, "they probably just need rest, no big deal." Boy, was I WRONG. It hurt to walk. I didn’t even think about going to the gym. The pain lasted about two weeks. When it finally eased up, I decided, "I’m just too heavy, I can’t do it." I was so disappointed. This was the first time I felt like my weight kept me from doing something that I really wanted to do.
I ended up walking that 5K in October 2015, with lots of friends.
It was so fun, but I was still so upset with myself. How had I let myself get here? Why was I allowing my weight to control me? Something clicked in my head that day and I became determined. “I’m going to run a 5K!" I told myself. "And I’m going to shed all this extra weight!" Shortly after the 5K my friend Denice introduced me to Trim Healthy Mama. This is the eating plan that I live by. I finally had the tool I needed to lose weight and the pounds started melting off.
Fast forward to Christmas, my mom got me the best gift ever!!!! I got a FitBit! I had been walking with an app on my phone trying to hit 10,000 steps every day, but my FitBit took me to the next level. I became and still am obsessed with getting my steps. And I started walking a lot faster than before. I was also 45lbs lighter than I had been in August. I started jogging and realized I could run a mile and then 2. In my head I was like, "you think I could hit 3.107 miles?!? Can I run a 5K?!?" And on March 29, 2016, and 64lbs lighter, I did it! (Excuse the blurry picture but I was still jogging when I snapped this pic!)
I can’t tell you how excited I was! I think I text all of my besties, and of course I had to post it on Instagram! I was so proud of myself. I did it. It took me 6 months, but I did it.
Now has it been easy? NO!!! Am I running at high speeds? Absolutely not! But I can run a 5K faster today than I could on March 29 and that’s only been a few weeks. Now I have a new goal! I want to run a quarter marathon for the Spirit of Survival this October! I can’t wait.
“It’s the small steps that take us up the mountain." Every little step matters and is important. It takes hard work and dedication. And sometimes you want to quit and give up, but don’t! You’ll make it up the mountain! You’ll run that 5K! You’ll lose that pound that won’t budge! Just keep taking those steps and you too will be Shrinking & Shining!

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