Transformation Tuesday - Birthday 2016 Edition

If you would've told me 2 birthday's ago that I would've have found an eating plan that I loved and would help me lose 71 pounds (and counting), I probably wouldn't have believed you. But it’s true!! I’m so thankful my friend Denice introduced me to Trim Healthy Mama. I thought I was looking for a diet but what I found with THM was a whole new way to live! You see, it’s not just cutting out sweets and eating rabbit food for a season. It’s changing to a whole new lifestyle of health and wellness. It can’t be just for a few months or even years. For me, I needed a life change. I needed to view food differently. But I also needed to enjoy and feel satisfied with my meals. Have dessert without feeling guilty. I just love this way of living. I plan on being a THM lifer.
I love that Facebook will show you what happened the same date all the years you’ve been on Facebook or I wouldn’t have found this gem of a pic. LOL! I honestly don't even remember being the size that I was. And why did anyone allow me to wear that shirt?!? Seriously….WHY?!? haha.
I can’t wait until next year to see how far I’ve come. Maybe I’ll be at or close to my goal weight! Now that would be an amazing birthday gift to myself?
What gift are you giving yourself this year for your birthday? You can change your life today! Don’t wait until Monday. Do it today! I can’t wait to see what you’ll do. I plan to keep shrinking and shining. Won’t you join me?!?
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