Transformation Tuesday - Jersey Girls Edition

One of my best-est friends on the planet, Cindy and I have some characters that we do from time to time, The Jersey Girls! They are over the top in every way: Make-up, Spray Tans, Jewelry, Clothing, Volume (voice and hair), you get the picture. The characters are so much fun but I think we love it so much because we get to do this act together. We’ve mostly done things for our Women’s ministry at our church for the last 5 or so years. This past weekend, “Mother’s Day 2016" we were invited back again for our Girlfriends Legacy Brunch and to open the Mother’s Day service! It was so much fun!
When we started announcing that the Jersey Girls were going to be returning I had a couple people say, “This time one of the Jersey Girls is gonna look a lot different!" And I’d have to agree. I’m at least 67.5 lbs lighter. I say at least, because I’m not actually sure how much I weighed in the before pics!
I seriously, can’t believe the picture at the bottom of this post even exists, I didn’t let many shots like this survive. I was a big fan of the delete button any time a full body picture was taken. But I’m happy that I let this one thru. I look back and think, I never realized how big I had let myself get. But even more than that, I can’t believe how far I’ve come! In just 7 months I’ve lost 67.5 lbs doing the Trim Healthy Mama plan and exercising. And I’m not stopping here! There’s a lot more transforming to do, but I know with God’s strength, consistency and determination I will reach my goal weight.
I want to give you hope. God has placed greatness inside of you. You can reach that goal that seems impossible. Believe in the child of God that you are. And do the work. I say this a lot, "Jesus gives me the strength, but I have to do the work." And he has given you that strength too. Please, don’t give up. Don’t quit. You are so much closer than you realize.
And like Val (my Jersey Girl character) always says, “Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins." Let that glitter shine thru!
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