KISS - Keep It Simple Sweetie!

Okay, so you’re excited to start Trim Healthy Mama!
You’re ready!
You’ve bought the book!
You started reading!
And BAM! You’re confused. You’re mind tells you, “This is too hard. I can’t get this. Why are there so many letters? E, S, FP, XO, OMG!!! Is this Algebra?!?"
And that’s where it ends. You’ve quit before you’ve begun. Please, before you do that listen to these four words, Keep It Simple Sweetie! Yes, you’re gonna have to learn a whole new way of thinking about food. But you will get it! Every meal, every good choice, even every mistake is leading you to a whole new life of health and wellness. You will change the destiny of you and your family's lives. You will leave a lasting legacy as long as you DON’T GIVE UP!
When I started this journey I decided I would keep it simple. I worked on making a few breakfast choices and then I moved on to snacks and then to lunches and finally after a couple of weeks I was completely on plan 100%. I had already cut sugar before I started THM and maybe that’s where you need to start too. Cut sugar and drink your GGMS to help detox your system. To find out more about GGMS, please read my blog
My first meals were so super simple. I read you could have Eggs, Turkey Sausage and Raspberries for a great S meal. I think that was my first THM meal! My snacks consisted of Triple Zero Greek Yogurt and an Apple for an E. Lunch was a quick stop at Chick Fil A for Grilled Nuggets and a SuperSide Salad (Full of that delicious kale I love!). I hadn’t bought the THM Cookbook yet so I would get on Pinterest and search simple THM recipes and there were so many yummy ideas and recipes. If I didn’t have a special recipe I would either leave it out or find something that would work instead. I’m telling you all this to let you know you don’t have to be an gourmet THM chef right out of the gate. It will take time.
One of the best things you can do is find someone to ask your questions to. Facebook is full of a lot of THM groups. From THM Beginners to THM ~ Saving Money, and so many more! They are full of kind and helpful women who are in this THM journey with you. They helped me so much. If you have a friend who’s a little bit ahead of you on this journey, they can be an incredible resource too.
I got so excited when I got a text from a woman that I have been THM coaching the last few months! She’s doing so great and I am beyond excited for her. She told me that she was starting to help someone else on their brand new Trim Healthy Mama journey! Do you know how happy that made me?!? Oh! I can’t tell you what joy it brought me! I’ve learned so much more helping people than I would have ever learned for just me. And now my friend is doing the same. And you can to! As we shine we allow others to shine too!
Don’t let the book overwhelm you. Just KISS - Keep It Simple Sweetie! You’ll get this. You’ll shed those unwanted pounds and best of all, YOU will inspire someone else to do the same.
Keep Shrinking Sisters! Keep Shining! Love you all!
To find out more about the Trim Healthy Mama Plan please read my blog
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